Part-time Photographer, Part-time Traveler, Full-time Documenter


About [Gm]

You may call me [Gm], Goma, or MartosC, whichever suits you best. If real name is important for you, then drop me an e-mail (thru contact page), and I will certainly let you know.

An Indonesian guy, a husband, a Mechanical Engineer, Casual blogger and Photo enthusiast, currently living in Kanagawa, Japan Bandung, Indonesia Singapore.

Not a full-time pro photographer, but have strong passion for documentary and travel, and is available for assignment (portfolio). I also regularly publish my works on my photoblog. If you have time, do check, give feedback and subscribe if you like it.

All photos here and in the photoblog are (C) Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved, unless specified otherwise.

None of these photos may be reproduced and/or used in any form of publication, print or on the Internet, without my written permission — most of the times, all you need is ask.

All photos are available for prints. To learn more, leave a message in ‘‘contact“.